Writing and Teaching:
Part of my work in schools is often an inset session with teachers so that they can become writers themselves and therefore better teachers of writing.  I’m the chair of the National Association of Writers in Education and for many years was editor of their journal Writing in Education.

Editing and Reviewing:
I’m poetry editor for Jewish Renaissance which usually has a poetry page containing new poems by Jewish writers or on Jewish themes and reviews of new poetry books.  I also contribute to the review section and the poets-I-go- back-to section for The North published by the Poetry Business .

From A Rough Guide to Hospitals of the World

University of Moscow Medical School 1986

Welcome to Moscow, our great city, our prestigious university
here in medical centre we can show you wonders of Soviet
Medicine, everything good for citizens, good for world.
Come this way, this is specimens room, forward, please.

We have pickled brains of important heroes, all in jars.
These brains have done many inventions, many theories,
mathematical, astronomical, psychological, many more.
And over here we have small pieces of human body

but people very famous, have done big steps in our country,
and in universe, in space-travel. Please consider little jar here,
man very great in science of space. Comrades, this little piece
of human anatomy, this Gargarin’s appendix.