Troublesome Cattle (sequence of poems)  Smith/Doorstop, 1991
Almost Like Talking (sequence of poems) Smith/Doorstop,1993
Laughing All the Way (poetry collection) Five Leaves Publications, 1995
The Same Country (poetry collection) Five Leaves Publications, 2006

IIceland Stories - poems from Iceland with digital images by Pat Hodson and sound CD by Jessica Rowland 2012

Things of Substance: New and Selected Poems Five Leaves Publications 2013

(Sadly the books from the 1990s  are out of print but you might be able to pick them up secondhand)

Poems in the following magazines :
Staple, Lancaster Litfest Anthology, The North, The Interpreter’s House, Sheffield Thursday, The Jewish Quarterly, Scintilla
, Mslexia , Ver Poets
and in many anthologies.

Poems in:
New Women Poets ed. Carol Rumens  Bloodaxe 1990
The Dybbuk of Delight Five Leaves, 1995
The Golden Chain ed. Natasha Lehrer   Valentine Mitchell, 2003
A sequence of poems, Land of Lost Content , Scintilla 13 Spring 2009
A sequence of poems, How My Family got into South Africa in Dancing with Delsie and other Poems, Leaf 2009
Stripe , Templar Poetry, 2009
The Sheffield Anthology ed. Agnes Lehocky, Adam Piette, Ann Sansom, Peter Sansom Smith/Doorstep 2012
Versions of the North ed. Ian Parkes Five Leaves Publications 2013

“Editing and Re-writing” in The Creative Writing Handbook eds. Singleton, J. and
Luckhurst, M.  Palgrave (2nd Ed.) 2000

“Sisters – a play for children ” in Drama and Short Plays ed. Alan Brown, Scholastic  1993

Poems written and printed digitally in response to images done by artist Pat Hodson
Fall of Flower (2004-05); Shadows (2005-06) and A Healing Notebook (2008) with sound track by Jessica Rowland

Reviews/articles in The North and Jewish Renaissance
Editorials and articles in Writing in Education


"...a poet who will appeal to lovers of art in all its forms.....she enters the mind of the artist with tremendous empathy....we see repeatedly in these poems how she provides a glorious explosion of the senses - sight and touch in particular."

review of The Same Country by Belinda Cooke (Stride magazine)