How Did You Become Popular in School?

In the course of school life, being popular is something that everybody wants. Middle and high school are significant periods in the life of a person. Due to the physical and emotional changes experienced by schoolchildren in this phase of life, things can get really difficult. As a result, what others think of you often takes center stage regarding your opinion of yourself. But it is indeed possible to be yourself and still be popular at school. We have provided the following tips to help you become one of the most popular individuals at school:

· Get Rid of Aggression

Thankfully you don't have to be cruel and aggressive to be popular in school. It is indeed true that some popular kids do end up being aggressive with others and bully relatively unpopular kids. You need to keep in mind that this sort of popularity is short-lived and such kids often have unhappy family life besides social lives that are unhealthy, to say the least. Their aggressive nature prevents these kids from building any lasting bonds and forging stable friendships. Remember that the top and bottom 10% of popular kids are equally disliked. So, turn smart and never be aggressive with your classmates. Enjoy the best of the popularity and good friendship without having to have a negative school life experience. This is the best way to achieve the target strategically in the time you save by deciding to pay people to do homework.

· Make Sure That You Attract Attention in the Right Way

You are unlikely to gain popularity in school if people don't take note of you. If you can get noticed for all the right reasons, people will want to be around you. For that to happen, you need to make a solid, positive impression and avoid frowning and being grumpy. Just be sure to send out the message that your company is fun and something other people enjoy. Remember the smiles, the waves, the laughter; they help to make you popular.

· Care Too Much Rather Than Care Too Little

Indifference is one of the most dangerous feelings. It makes people colorless and emotionless. Being cool is more about caring too much for the proper things rather than simply not caring enough. Instead of thinking about other people's opinion, you have to focus on the larger needs of the world. Write, say, and make things according to this gold standard of what the world needs. If the result of work does not find as much acceptance as you want, then it is time to stop caring too much. This will make you more comfortable with yourself and make you do better work. The real secret to being cool is to remember it’s not about how people like you, it's about doing that right thing and leaving a legacy.
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